Indispensable plumbing tools

We already discussed plumbing accessories, and it would seem that the subject is finished and that there is no need for talking more about it. Well, we did discuss plumbing tools, but we took an objective approach to the subject in which we mentioned several tools. That article was more about types of devices, rather than the tools. This article will be different, it will be about tools, or to be more precise, tools that every plumber needs.

Tools for every situation

Pipe wrenchesEvery company that wants to succeed in the plumbing business should own at least one drain auger (we have three brand new and half a dozen of older drain augers). This is the most indispensable piece of equipment in this business. It has a 25-foot flexible steel cable that can clear any drain. It is hand cracked, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of power sockets at the job location. Since the majority of problems come from blocked drains, this tool is the first thing every plumber should buy.

Pipe and adjustable wrenches are simple and yet indispensable plumbing tools. Adjustable wrenches are perfect tools for many jobs, but when it comes to hex shaped nuts you find in the plumbing business, they are superior to any other device. Pipe wrenches are also great if your employee knows how to use them. We are mentioning them in the plural as every plumber needs at least two pipe wrenches to do something.

Other requisite plumbing tools

pliersMany people who work in this business use a plethora of different pliers, which isn’t a bad thing. Our workers only use tongue and groove pliers as they can do anything other types of pliers can. They are perfect for plumbing as they can loosen, tighten, twist, hold, and grab threads and nuts. This is just a small amount of work for which these are perfect. We usually buy two sizes for our workers (ten and twelve inches).

These aren’t the only tools a plumber should use, but they are the tools every plumber should have. A plumber can have a dozen or more tools, and they will still fail in repairs without the tools we mentioned above.