Talking about plumbing problems

repair some plumbing problemWe won’t try to present you with a guide on how to repair some plumbing problems because the process is more than often long and the guide will just confuse you. A proper guide is long, and it explains every detail which is why we opt for another way in which we can tell you about plumbing problems and their solutions.

Rather than writing a guide, we will present you with challenges and solutions that we use to fix them. Don’t try to repair the problem by looking at this article, and it’s not written as a guide but as the explanation.

Dealing with blocked drains

Blocked drains are the number one plumbing problem in the world. The most common cause of this issue is the roots of the trees. Many people fail to realize the length of the tree roots and how easily they can clog the drains. Cutting down the tree and pulling all its roots was practiced in the past, but technology advancement changed the way we deal with this problem.

The easiest way to repair the drains is to reline them. To ensure that the problem won’t happen again we also use resin coating that creates a strong pipe inside the existing one. We can reline just a small section of the drain system, or just junctions or hundred feet of the tube, depending on the state of the scheme. We usually use a camera to check it and give you our advice on what is the best option.

Dealing with braided pipe hose issues

braided pipeFlexible braided metal water pipes are everywhere, and thus it’s not strange that they cause problems. The tubes of these pipes tend to fail after a while, and if you aren’t careful, it might cause a lot of monetary damage. You have to remember that these pipes have a lifespan of five years and that you should replace them every three or four. They also have a limitation on the amount of pressure they can take. If the pressure in your water system is too high, then they will burst.

Don’t wait until those pipes break, replace them before and you will save a lot of money.